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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy 16/04/2022

Romsey Probus Club’s policy is to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). The Club will only gather and retain personal data that is needed for the purpose of club activities.

This data is submitted to the club Secretary and an electronic record is created from it and held by the designated Committee member. It is updated regularly and old data is deleted after an appropriate period. Members’ personal data is only shared electronically with members of the Committee or event organisers. Data on wives/partners and widows is also shared with any member/s specifically nominated as contacts. Data is only shared on the basis of an opt-in agreement from the member.

Members sending all member email communication are obliged to use the Bcc field of the message. Romsey Probus Club also has a Data Retention Policy to comply with GDPR.

Romsey Probus Club does not share personal data with any other organisation, with the sole exception of Romsey Abbey Probus Club, where phone numbers and email addresses of members who have expressed interest in a particular joint activity are shared for that event only.

Any member has the right to see the personal data held for and for any wife/partner/widows and to have the data amended or deleted on request.